The Headlines.




These are the headlines you are unlikely to see in the papers. The mainstream media has fuelled the fear surrounding ‘bully breeds’ to the point of encouraging Parliament to hastily pass the widely criticised Dangerous Dogs Act in the summer of 1991. Unfortunately, stories of blood and gore sell newspapers, and hardly a week goes by without a news story involving a dog bite being published. Background information on the dog’s past, previous temperament and the situation surrounding the attack is usually omitted in favour of personal witness accounts using language intended to shock the reader. Such articles are often accompanied with a large photograph of a snarling dog of a similar type to the one within the story.

But what about the dog bites that happen every day? According to the NHS, around 6,000 dog bites a year require some form of hospital treatment. The breed of dog responsible for each attack is not recorded, but it is highly unlikely that all 6,000 dog bites were caused by a single type of dog. Only a very small percentage of these bites are considered ‘newsworthy’, and it is usually only those that involve breeds such as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, a breed very much misunderstood in the country that it was created.

The purpose of this blog is to weaken the media frenzy surrounding dog attacks by reviewing articles about ‘dangerous dogs’, discussing dog-related issues in the United Kingdom and posting positive stories of ‘bully breeds’.

Let’s change the headlines, one face-licking staffie at a time.


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