Bark! started as ‘Not So Dangerous Dogs’ – a blog to dispel the myths surrounding breeds such as the Pit Bull, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bullmastiff and any other breed or type portrayed as a ‘devil dog’ by the media, through the use of sensationalist language and aggressive stock photos. I didn’t expect the blog to attract so many views, and I’m very grateful to everyone who has shared links to my posts via social networking sites, especially Dogs Today magazine, Born Innocent and DDA Watch. At present I’m aiming to extend the blog further by posting about wider canine topics, but it will always have the plight of the ‘not so dangerous’ bull breeds at heart.

I am a recent graduate of University of Birmingham, where I studied English Language. For my dissertation I performed a Critical Discourse Analysis in order to investigate how the Pit Bull type is currently portrayed in tabloid newspapers, with consideration as to whether such media coverage plays a role in the survival of breed specific legislation within the UK.

I am also involved with anti-BSL campaign group Born Innocent. For details on how to support our campaign for fairer dog laws, please see the website and Facebook page. The team do brilliant work in raising awareness of the unjust and discriminatory Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 which has no place in our society. After all, we are meant to be a nation of dog lovers…


Thanks for reading!

You can contact me via email: ghclarke@sky.com

Or follow me on twitter @UnderdogEmpire





  1. Twilight Bark UK

    Looking forward to following your blog. Sounds interesting and great to spread the word of the bull breeds. I’m doing a post about this very subject over the course of the next few months actually!

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